Wheat Ridge 2020 - Advancing Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community


In January 2005, the Wheat Ridge City Council retained a consulting team to perform an independent analysis of the problems and opportunities that exist in the City of Wheat Ridge.


After extensive analysis and public input, the consulting team confirmed what the community already believed—that Wheat Ridge is in relative decline compared to other Jefferson County communities. It was also determined that for much of the last 20 years, Wheat Ridge had been losing its share of strong households and by 2005 had a weakened capacity to attract new ones. Together, City elected officials and staff worked to develop a plan to reposition Wheat Ridge. To identify and leverage important community assets, such as relatively low cost housing in the Metro Denver region, infill development opportunities, a strong sense of community, and access and location, and most importantly, a uniquely rich tradition of small-town life with rural accents just at the edge of Denver.

The plan that was developed recommended the creation of a non-profit corporation, with the capability to facilitate and encourage appropriate development in Wheat Ridge. Wheat Ridge 2020 has been formed to lead the community's effort to "Reposition Wheat Ridge." For more information, please download the full

Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (PDF)

The plan, titled Repositioning Wheat Ridge, mapped out the work that WR2020 would need to undertake as the primary vehicle in Wheat Ridge responsible for encouraging appropriate development necessary to retain and attract strong Jefferson County and Denver Metro area households.

  • Creating an image for Wheat Ridge and promoting the specific identities to selected market niches, both residential and commercial.
  • Facilitating more competitive housing development through communication with builders, investors, home buyers, home owners, etc.
  • Encouraging higher levels of improvement and maintenance in residential and commercial sites, as well as public spaces.
  • Promoting development of designated commercial sites and clusters.
  • Encouraging effective resident, institutional, and business leadership on the WR2020 Board and also in neighborhood and city-wide activities.

The plan, Repositioning Wheat Ridge guides the work of WR2020. It focuses on taking advantage of Wheat Ridge's current assets, and building on them to create a community that will be attractive to the strong households that will fill an important niche in the community.

WR2020's mission includes working initially on the following nine strategies:

1.  Develop new market rate housing throughout the City
2.  Acquire, upgrade and sell out-of-date housing stocks throughout the City
3.  Improve existing multi-family rental property throughout the City
4.  Redevelop Wadsworth Corridor
5.  Develop West 44th Avenue into an Orchard District
6.  Accelerate and shape the development of 38th Street
7.  Develop a Wheat Ridge Town Center
8.  Continue the development of Wheat Ridge Open Space
9.  Develop signage, enhanced gateways, and improve community appearance

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